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Diogenis Deadly lamp a Ghost story

Published on: 01 June 2022

it had been many years since Lex Markov, a handsome but loathsome young parasite who lived off of his wits, charm and good looks, read the story of Diogenes, who wandered through the streets at night, holding up his lamp to peer into peoples' faces, in his search for an honest man. but it was not long after Lex's visit to a disreputable side street antique shop, that he wished he'd never heard of the lamp, nor taken possession of the ancient and cursed relic...

original comic can be found here

The background music is the Violin Concerto in G minor 'L'estate' (Summer) by Antonio Vivaldi perfomed by on a public domain license

The intro music is The Fairy Queen by Henry Purcell perfomed by on a public domain license

All extra sounds are from on a public domain licence

its on youtube or here on my own site


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