Mark Dalderup


Fish Therapy Fish getting intravenous therapy sold to @_omarino

Striped face A face made of lines/stripes with felt tips on paper original: (±500mm x 650mm (19.69in x 25.59in) felt tips on paper

An image of a mounted stuffed head sold to @_omarino

faces together in a Composition

yellow helmet A man with a black eye wearing a yellow helmet

eveil arbbit An evil arbbit standing on its hind legs

A man with blue glasses bending his neck back to look up to the sky his name is sammy

a bald person with purple lips looking at the viewer

My hand animated

001 lizard and man

001 lizard and man colorized

002 shouting angel

003 headbutting

004 watering the flowers

004 watering the flowers

005 dancing around a horse

006 feeling the leaves

007 catching the ball

008 faces in the crowd

009 building a snowman

010 swimming fish

010 swimming fish

011 three headed discussion

012 fish in calm water

013 angry fish

014 fish discussion

015 putting toothpaste on a brush

016 a bee in the garden

017 horns

018 horn animal and elephant

019 squeezing the brain

020 the forget put

021 jumping out of trust

022 bring thy spears

023 waiting for the lion to leave

024 sticky baby

025 the infamous giant fish dragon colorised

025 the infamous giant fish dragon painted

025 the infamous giant fish dragon

026 jumping in a tube

027 the three hairs

028 cutting the fish

029 cutting the fish

030 black goby

031 I am confused

032 three the hard way

033 eye for an eye

034 judgement

035 anguish

036 happiness

037 swinging around

038 turtle dreams

039 my beard has a hat

040 seeing a bunny

041 can I help you

042 or can I help you

043 please to meet you

044 I am a smiling alien

045 everything is a hammer

046 I will shoot you with my bow bow bow

047 I am pulling a string

048 walking in a dream

049 angry and jumping

050 the bird of freedom

051 the bird of realism

052 making a note with my sock puppet

053 making silence with a dog puppet

054 reaching for a cloud

055 death crosses the styx

056 my tooth paste works

057 toothpaste is what you need

058 I am awkwardly living

059 I cant believe it

060 I have seen the worst

061 the bunny says its true

062 wizard will ask for his service

063 I am going this way

064 meeting my dogs

065 catching a fish

066 fishing a catch

067 my paint is almost dry

068 hopping mad maditation

069 howling with the sleeping dogs

070 to much power for this

071 elders dont believe you

072 cat is dreaming

073 the last of the commodes

074 kobolds making a rift

075 careful hacking a rock

076 please go over there

077 Rocking horse

078 Rocking horse

079 two woman

080 I stab you sir

081 face punch to stop the attack

082 choirs of five polos

083 running to get there

084 running doesnt work

085 superman cant fly

086 a beast with horns

087 the crocodile with a ball

088 croco pattas

089 I am watching you

090 my foot is kicking my head

091 I am asking you

092 how much for this

093 I am framed

094 sweeping dick

095 the way is crooked

096 pyjama flying broom wizard

097 standing on firm ground

098 awkward crocodile baby

099 showing off









100 I am growing my flower

101 dancing beaver

102 floating point error

103 cupidoctupus

104 twitter

105 thats what they say

106 the fish and the duck

107 raw raw fight the powa

108 the yellow wizard

109 the mongolian blood pencil

110 Boiling my fish

111 magical tree


a bee in the garden colorized

Betrayal disappearing


Certainty reef warrior

chameleon chicken skull

Drama round and round

Fish therapy

Greed big mouth bass


Irritation falling a part

Jealousy razor teeth

Justification carpe diem

Mission creep speed

Pink hands


purple with girl

Recklessness its a fish eat fish world

warrior goat girl

Yellow figure

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