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Comics who have been given voices of their own

Arm of vengeance Arm of vengeance

30 September 2022 He was a master of jungle lore. No guide or hunter could match the ski...

The horror of hillory hill The horror of hillory hill

03 September 2022 Hillory house Squats on top of Hillory hill and protrudes from the fla...

The land of the silicon men The land of the silicon men

06 August 2022 When Ronald Parker, feature reporter for the morning star was send by ...

nightmare flight nightmare flight

06 August 2022 For several months after her fiancée Hal Chadwick had been repo...

Diogenes deadly lamp Diogenes deadly lamp

01 June 2022 it had been many years since Lex Markov, a handsome but loathsome youn...


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