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I wanted to make an animated scene where multiple things happen at the same time in real time. After that I would place camera's in the scene so unintended things make it into the view of the camera. I never intended for the police car to be visible from the window of the bar when drunk man starts to drink. Or that the apple falls over at the same time as the skateboard kid is loaded on the stretcher. I wanted to make an animation where I don't have to plan out everything when I make it and chance the story or add things while I am making and animating it. The helicopter was a late addition to the scene which made the scene evolve into having a Micheal Bay ending.

This animation uses these sounds from and 2 other sources:

sound user url license
car drive by 11.wav luminadii
lighter bdunis4
skateboard pop and land 1 2 schatzl03
dialogue pained yelp loud d InspectorJ
sparated 1 temawas
childscreaming Ellenskellington
car horn 20 3 11 toiletrolltube
okay 2 unfa
carstartskidcrash musicmasta1
bone break crack 3 ihitokage
squeaky door opened quickly CastIronCarousel
bell short quiet tings Tewkesound
cardoor open close Ryding
phone pick up hang up deraj
chipmunk telephone gibberish 4 evan.schad
door front opening a InspectorJ
door front closing a InspectorJ
bar scene lonemonk
pouring water in a glass ancorapazzo
beer bottle clinks 04 BharathKumar
squeay creaking door EricsSoundschmiede
wall thump Harrisando
drinking and swallow dersuperanton
police siren vlammenos
ear ringing after explosion dbdarby
panicscare SirBedlam
thud 3 nebulasnails
biljart aifoon
picture frame dropped on wood floor shatters SpliceSound
painful squeek rust j1987
09 confusion efsdcnveoi
car drive by 07 luminadii
rem 870 pump 2 Pjkasinski3
jogo de luta voz do apresentador o_ultimo
ambulance siren LanDub
cardoor open 2 Jay_You
armchair glides on tiles 3 Mickael_Leroi
girl lifting caoimhe_s1
metal thud zaneclampett
thump 003 Brokenphono
thump DigestContent
tube pop sandyrb
lhs gunshots eCo77
helicopter fly over blimp66
screams SophieMezaM
apple crunch pallen33
20 gauge shotgun gunshot michorvath
ouch SexyNakedBunny
ratchet back and forth 01 joedeshon
book flop kevinpro
oops WIM
rocket launch Selector
door gate slam in the night with courtyard echo 96khz qubodup
explosion eardeer
explosion qubodup
car crash squareal
crash Eponn
WilhelmScream Sheb Wooley
fast collision reverb qubodup
short swoosh transition 1 TunePocket
g synth sangtao
10 blip random spankmyfilth SpankMyFilth
bullet fly bys haydensayshi123
ow sound Topschool
body fall Suburbanwizard
woo 2 UncleSigmund
huh male Adam_N
ahh scared male scream Iceofdoom
yell kid male help help benjaminharveydesign


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